Custom-made Flagpoles: Sales, Delivery, Installation and Repairs

• 15 to 100 ft flagpoles
• Flagpoles come complete with ground sleeve, cleat, nylon halyard, fiberglass truck, gold anodized ball and vinyl snap covers.
• Seamless fiberglass manufacturing process
• Entire system non-corrosive
• No grounding rod needed
• Internal and external halyards (rope) See Flag Terms
• Above industry standards for wall thickness
• Made in New Hampshire since 1975
• Last for decades, durable gel coat finish. Yankee Flagpoles are under warranty for the lifetime of the owner.
• Total cost including installation comparable to other companies’ prices for manufacturing alone.

Aluminum Alternative
• Authorized dealer of American Flagpoles, sales and installation

Owner Keith Carmen
Email Yankeeflagpoles
892 Center Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082

Carrying on a 50-year tradition of proud craftsmanship, excellence in engineering and respect for flags flying from our poles