Flagpole Parts

Following are some terms useful in talking about flagpoles.

Collar: The base at the bottom of the pole. Collars are only available on poles installed by Yankee Flagpoles—they cannot be shipped.

Cleat: The cast nylon fixture for tying off the rope, located near the lower part of the pole. To deter vandalism, the cleat can be placed higher and out of reach (just use a short ladder to access).

Entasis taper: The classic design of the pole

Ornament: Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament on top of pole (eagles are not recommended for outdoor poles because the flag will tangle on the wings).

Halyard: The rope bearing the flag. Ours are made of solid braided nylon for durability.

Snaps: Swivel snaps with vinyl covers used to clip the flag to the rope. The covers keep snaps from scratching the pole.

Truck: Cast fiberglass stationary fixture with a pulley at the top of the pole.