Flag Protocol

Westford, MA, 1975, Photo by Gordon B. Seavey

Displaying Respect
Replacing faded or tattered flags 
It is important to fly a proud-looking American flag so when your flag needs replacement, please call us. We’re happy to not only provide a new flag at down-to-earth prices, we will also take care of your old flag honorably. We work with the Milford VFW to ceremonially burn retired flags following official protocol.

Never fly a flag in the dark 
Although displaying flags at night is fine, the flag must be illuminated with a light. If electricity and lighting are impossible, we ask that you retire your flag at sundown following respectful tradition.

POW / MIA Flags 
Through cooperation with Rolling Thunder® New Hampshire Chapter 1, we make available a POW/MIA flag with snaps free-of-charge with every flagpole purchase. If you will fly it, we will provide it.