Founder Bob Lent, 1977

About Yankee Flagpoles

Yankee Flagpoles was founded over 40 years ago by Robert Lent, an engineer and inventor. Lent developed our special fabrication process combining multi-directional fiberglass roving, resin and cloth for one-piece construction up to 36 feet. Poles up to 60 feet tall are manufactured through additional steps.

Since 1975, hundreds of Yankee Flagpoles have been built and installed in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. In 2003, Keith Carmen, a well-respected contractor in Southern New Hampshire, took over the helm of Yankee Flagpoles after a thorough apprenticeship with Robert Lent, who stopped by to check on things for many years after.

Owner Keith Carmen
Email Yankeeflagpole@hotmail.com
892 Center Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082

Carrying on a 40-year tradition of proud craftsmanship, excellence in engineering and respect for flags flying from our poles