Yankee Flagpoles

Owner Keith Carmen
Note NEW Email YankeeFlagpoles@gmail.com
892 Center Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082

Carrying on a 50-year tradition of proud craftsmanship, excellence in engineering and respect for flags flying from our poles

Yankee Flagpoles are hand-made in Fitzwilliam, NH.

• Since 1975, our seamless fiberglass flagpoles have been made in New Hampshire, built one-at-a-time by hand to last for decades. Our flagpoles are under warranty for the life of the owner.

• Flagpoles and flags are delivered, installed and serviced in NH, MA, ME, VT and throughout New England.

• Flagpoles available from 15 to 100 feet. 25-foot flagpoles for homes are our most popular flagpole.

• Full line of flags: Cotton, polyester and UV protected nylon; variety of sizes. All of our flags are made in the USA.

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